Tuesday 30 August 2022

UPCOMING RELEASE Sticky Pines: The Valley of the Strange by Dashe Roberts

Published by: Nosy Crow, 1st September 2022

It's back and it's brilliant! It's been a bit of a wait for the third instalment of the Sticky Pines saga but, for me, it's been totally worth it...

Following Lucy Sladan's discovery of the Pretenders, still no one in Sticky Pines is willing to believe her. But the ruthless Mr. Fisher knows she is on to something and poor Milo is torn between his father and his friend. As Mr. Fisher becomes obsessed with finding the source of the sticky-pine sap and destroying the Pretenders, Lucy must race to find the secrets first. But can she protect the Pretenders and will Milo agree to help?

This is cult sci-fi at its best; funny, creepy and full of teenagers trying to navigate life. It's perfect for fans of Jennifer Killick and, as it states on the Nosy Crow website: 
"Perfect for the younger siblings of Stranger Things fans.'

I agree whole-heartedly with this statement. Dashe Roberts' writing, especially her characters' snappy banter, is as addictive as a tray of sugary doughtnuts and you just can't help bingeing on it. The plot is compelling and highly original, giving us a whole new take on alien life, and there's a whole 80's vibe running through the story, making it both comparable but very different to Stranger Things. If you're fans of both then you're in for a double treat!

In this instalment you can expect high stakes and lots of drama all infused with an hilarious touch. It's serious yet spoofy, it's dramatic but goofy. Milo has designs on Lucy, Gus is adorable and Lucy is on a mission! Yet beneath it all lies the familiar but hard-hitting message about the destructive and ignorant nature of the human race. Lucy's determined to be the difference, however, and despite her bulldozing behaviour equalling Mr. Fisher's at times, you have to admire her spunky, out-spoken, go-getting attitude - at least she's on the right side... or is she? Milo's certainly not sure and he's about to get caught in the crossfire!

So could there be even better news than the third book being available to buy from 1st September? Yes, there can! Because, despite us being used things coming in threes, it appears that Sticky Pines is going to go beyond being a trilogy, meaning there's more to come. And you just know it's going to be GOOD!

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Nosy Crow for allowing me a review copy. The Valley of the Strange is released this Thursday 1st September 2022.

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