Sunday 19 April 2020

Hotels are closed, right? Nope, not these ones!

Just because hotels are closed for business, doesn't mean you have to forego your holiday completely. Why not escape but stay safe? Go on a thrilling journey without moving a muscle? Chase adventure whilst sat on the sofa?
Sound good? Great! Because these two fantastic books offer the perfect place to visit.

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Hotel Flamingo by Alex Milway

Published: 2019, Piccadilly Press


Hotel Flamingo is a charming, feel-good chapter book about a hotel full of colourful and loveable animals. From flamboyant flamingos to otter lifeguards to cockroach guests, this heartwarming tale will make you feel cosy right down to your toes.
When Anna inherits the Hotel Flamingo, things seem hopeless. After being overshadowed by the glamour of The Glitz, the rundown wreck doesn't stand a chance of getting back on it's feet. Yet, with Anna's endless optimism and some loyal members of staff, a wind of change is in the air. Before long, Hotel Flamingo is bursting with a new lease life - a cacophony of chaos and joy! But challenges are waiting in the shadows. Can Anna and her team overcome a fierce competitor and a ruthless critic in order to stay in business?
The story is truely enchanting and  full of vibrant and cuddly characters you'll want to meet again and again. Anna is a strong-willed, determined lead who champions teamwork and inclusivity and has a clear idea of what she stands for. The cockroach family are a genius touch, the flamingos add a fabulous flair and even the trickier characters remain unthreatening. This is a must read for any animal lover and perfect for more sensitive readers who relish a safe and comforting read. Put your slippers on and curl up with a cup of cocoa or put on some overalls and get stuck in!

The Nothing to see Here Hotel by Steven Butler (Illustrated by Steven Lenton

Published: February 22nd 2018 by Simon Schuster Children's UK


WOW! This has to be the most high octane chapter book I have ever read. Packed with magical creatures and non-stop action, I read this book in a single sitting and came away breathless.
Frankie Banister and his family are from troll descent. Now they run a hotel for all kinds of magical creatures. With a terrifying grandmother in the attic, a scatty spider cook, a gardener married to a Venus Fly Trap and guests ranging from mermaids to tooth fairies, Frankie is kept incredibly busy. But when Prince Grobah from the 'dark and dooky deep' announces his arrival, the hotel descends into total chaos. Overrun by greedy goblins, Frankie and his parents have no chance of maintaining control. That is, until the goblin pirates arrive and battle commences...
The imagination and fast-pace of this story blew me away. Whereas Hotel Flamingo provides a rather more chilled getaway, this is a hurricane of a holiday. There is no down time or lull in the plot. Instead, expect page after page of high-action adventure bursting with characters so zany, they'll leave your head spinning. The story itself is funny, well-plotted and original. There were times when I felt I needed to catch my breath and that the main character, Frankie, felt more of a spectator than a participant in the story. The goblins of the 'dark and dooky deep' were rather condemned as a race and there possibly could have been more redemption here. However, the ending was spectacular, the ghost pirate was phenomenal and the moving lawn was genius. There is no doubt whatsoever that we will be reading the whole series in our house.

More in the series: You ain't seen nothing, Yeti!
                               Sea-ing is believing!
                               The Fiend of the Seven Sewers - released on September 3rd 2020

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