Thursday 31 October 2019

Going to the Volcano by Andy Stanton, illustrated by Miguel Ordonez.

It's not Halloween themed but I have to write about this picture book!
For anyone familiar with Andy Stanton's middle grade, award-winning series, Mr. Gum, you'll know that as far as authors go Stanton is utterly wacky,  zanily ridiculous and nuttily bonkers. When I first read a Mr. Gum book I wondered what on earth I'd stepped into, as absolutely nothing made sense. Stick with it though and you realise that, although almost anything goes, there is reason among the madness and I now consider them to be amongst the funniest and most entertaining books I've ever read.
So when it comes to this picture book- that is what to expect. It's simple, it's repetitive and it whacked a massive grin on my face in the middle of the bookshop. Without a doubt, my kids would love it...and they do! 
So what's the plot? Basically just two adventures heading to a Volcan-O! As they travel over land and sea, gathering an eclectic group of  followers as they go, they come ever closer to the smouldering peak.

What could possibly happen when they reach it?...
There is a possibility that reading this story over and over (which I'm sure might become the case) could quickly become as irritating as an advert jingle. But if you fancy a bit of simplistic but genius daftness then this book is definitely the one to try.

Also by Andy Stanton:

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