Wednesday 12 February 2020

The Kid who came from Space by Ross Welford

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Published:2020 HarperCollins


When Ethan's twin sister Tammy mysteriously disappears on Christmas Eve his whole village is plunged into turmoil. But Ethan can feel his sister is still alive and he may just be right...except she's no longer on the planet.
When Ethan and his eccentric friend Iggy encounter a hairy alien creature by the lake they can hardly believe their eyes. But Hellyann - an extra-terrestrial capable of emotions - is on a mission. A mission to help bring his sister home.
This was a trickier read for me. Mainly because where mysteries are my natural go-to genre, sci-fi is not. However, this book with it's high concept plot did grab my attention and I have nothing but praise for Ross Welford's writing.
Welford manages to convey the grim desperation felt by Tammy's family and, indeed, the whole community when she disappears whilst also injecting some dry humour through Iggy and his chicken. He cleverly weaves a narrative which jumps around in time without being confusing and which also changes narrative from Ethan to the delightful and caring Hellyann. The strong, inclusive voice speaks to the reader, drawing them fully into the story. Although perhaps a little slow in parts, it is worth a read just to see how Hellyann's race view humans (very interesting) and Welford's brilliant world-building.
The message is strong. From strong familial bonds to views on captivity, empathy and emotions - this is a tale that packs a thought-provoking punch. Fans of sci-fi should shoot this to the top of their 'to-read' list and those less keen on the genre should also be encouraged to give this a go.

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