Wednesday 26 February 2020

The Pirates are Coming! by John Condon and Matt Hunt

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Published: 2020, Nosy Crow


A fantastic new twist on 'The Boy who Cried Wolf'...

I've never known pirate stories NOT to be popular - either at home or in the classroom. But even if there's some disagreement on that then I'm prepared to bet that this new release will strike GOLD with little ones.
Open the pages and leap into a TREASURE TROVE of wonder. The fantastic artwork by Matt Hunt sucked me instantly into the page, making me feel like I was actually there, Tom's endearing excitement and anticipation was highly contagious and the plot brilliantly simple and catchy in it's repetitiveness.
Can you see the pirates coming? Tom is convinced he can! His job is super important. Alerting the villagers by ringing the bell will mean they can hide in plenty of time. There's only one problem. Tom may need to invest in a pirate telescope or  go to Specsavers...for maybe it's not the pirates after all...or is it?
The story, like the original Aesop's fable, carries a pretty serious message but the twist at the end is new and refreshing and lightens the story in a fun and humorous way. The language is perfect for both the younger end of the picture book market and for children with SEN. (My daughter is 9, has autism and responds amazingly to texts that she can memorise and repeat.)
So sharpen your cutlasses and find your hiding places quick. For if Tom rings that bell...

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