Monday 20 June 2022

New Release: The Knight with the Blazing Bottom by Beach

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Published by Simon and Schuster, 9th June 2022


The sequel to The Dragon With The Blazing Bottom is out! A 'fiery fairy tale' told in hilarious rhyme, this is a story that is as roarsome, bold and explosive as the main characters...

Dragon is down! His fire is still coming out the wrong end and he doesn't know what to do about it. But Sir. Wayne does. If they start doing everything in reverse, Dragon's fire is sure to change direction. But when Dragon and Sir. Wayne start swapping everything around, they get a rather unexpected results. 

This is toilet humour at its funniest - a quest to get Dragon's fire to come out of his mouth rather than his bottom. In the same ilk as The Dinosaur That Pooped series, it perhaps won't be for everyone - my mum refuses to read toilet humour books to my children - but have no doubt, the kids will LOVE it! Dragon and Sir. Wayne are a great double act and I can see this series becoming crazier and more madcap as it continues, which hopefully it will. 

What I particularly liked about this story was the plot. "How is doing everything in reverse going to have any effect on solving Dragon's problem?" I thought as I read it. But, of course, this picture book hasn't been written for me or any other adult - it's been written for children and this is an example of awesome child logic that delivers an hysterical punch line at the end. 

Reading the text out loud is a delight and far funnier than reading it in your head. The rhyme is as riotous as the story is ridiculous and you can't help but snort with laughter at the characters' escapades. So why not give in to five minutes of silliness, gather together as a family, forget about your day and just 'laugh your socks off'...just make sure your laughter comes out the right end!

The Knight With The Blazing Bottom is out now. A big thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for allowing me a review copy. 

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