Tuesday 1 November 2022

Hoglets' Birthday Surprise by Lynette Cresswell

If you're looking for an animal story full of charm, then look no further than Hoglets' Birthday Surprise by Lynette Cresswell. Out on October 26th 2022 it follows on from the publication of Hoglets' Christmas Magic which was published in August. 

When Primrose and Prickles head out for a walk in the woods, they stumble across a house made of goodies. In true fairy tale syle, the house belongs to a witch - not a wicked witch who eats children but a sad witch who has no friends. Can the two hoglets find a way to make Willow the witch feel special?

Packed with engaging, full-colour illustrations, this gorgeous story of Prickles and Primrose embraces a range of woodland animals and gives a lovely nod to the traditional fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, whilst subverting the classic role of a wicked witch. Exploring the important topics of friendship, it encourages readers not to judge others on first impressions. It's the perfect short story for families to share together, particularly on a birthday, and is enjoyable for all ages. 

A big thanks to Lynette Cresswell for sending me a review copy. Prickles and Primrose are adorable. 

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review of Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise. I’m thrilled you loved the Prickles and Primrose. ❤️


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