Tuesday 8 August 2023

Sticky Pines: The Series Finale


Published by: Future Human Ltd, 3rd August 2023


It feels forever ago that we reviewed the first two books in this fantastic, fun and very kooky sci-fi series. Perfect for fans of Stranger Thingsthe third book was one of last year's summer highlights and now, just in time for the holidays, the fourth instalment is finally upon us. Needless to say, it shot straight to the top of our TBR pile and kept us entertained from beginning to end. This is probably one of our most favourite middle grade series EVER...

Lucy Sladan knows the world is in serious trouble. Her friend, Milo, has fallen inside a huge and mysterious blob, Milo's dad is doing everything he can to destroy the alien species that has been living alongside them and now an alien rescue mission is on its way - threatening to end the human race once and for all. After investing so much time and energy into exposing the Truth, can Lucy handle the consequences of it getting out and can she save the planet by finding a way for her fellow humans to ever accept it?

With vivid world-building and a retro feel, this clever twist on an alien invasion is tightly-plotted, funny and explores themes and observations which are razor sharp. Set in small town America, it offers a searing insight into the flaws of humanity whilst also delivering a warm and witty hope. Lucy Sladan may not always be a likeable character but, softened by Milo, her dogged determination combined with her love for her family is endearing. Mr. Fisher plays the ultimate arrogant AND ignorant imbecile you just want to - well - catapult into space and Tex and the rest of Lucy's crew bring the humour. 

The plot is wacky and outlandish but in an utterly brilliant way: think Bigfoot and shapeshifters and slime and intergalactic lizard-type creatures. Plus, for those who have followed the series from the beginning, there is an hilarious revelation in the final chapter. The language and dialogue is on the money for pre-teens and the vibe of each novel buzzes with a coolness that is hard to define. 

This is storytelling at its most unique and awesome. It's like stepping back into my 1980's childhood and yet it's not like anything we've read before. Spooky, atmospheric and nostalgic, it's one supernatural series you're not going to forget. 

A big thanks to Dashe Roberts and Future Human Ltd for offering me a review copy. The Wrath of the Blob is available to buy now.

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