Monday 25 September 2023

BLOG TOUR: SAVING THE SUN by Emma Pearl and Sara Ugolotti

Hooray! It's our stop on the blog tour for Saving the Sun, written by Emma Pearl, illustrated by Sara Ugolotti and published by Page Street Kids. We were lucky enough to be part of the blog tour for Mending the Moon, Emma's debut picture book also illustrated by Sara Ugolotti, last November and so it's lovely to part of the celebrations again...

When the sun sinks into the sea and loses its fire, it's up to Luna and Poppa to save it, just like they saved the moon. But how can they possibly fish the sun out of the water and get it back into the sky? And how will they set it ablaze again? It looks like Luna and Poppa may need some help along the way...

Just like Mending the Moon, this is a beautiful story with stunning illustrations which encourages problem-solving, teamwork and which highlights the importance of perseverance. With Poppa's gentle reassurance and Luna's love of the natural world, children will be able to enjoy a story with a BIG problem whilst feeling soothed by the lyrical language and safe in the pages of such a joyful setting.  

With whales and dolphins, fireflies and bursts of colourful birds, this text is a feast for the eyes. But what we particularly loved was that, although being a fictional story, it alludes to the humongous questions of science, activating the curiosity of younger readers. Why does the sun burn so hot? How does it stay in the sky? Where does it go at night? And what if it ever burns out? After reading such a playful and fun take on these ideas, hopefully little learners will be interested in finding out more about these big questions whilst also considering their own ideas on the matter.

This is a picture book with a big imagination, wonderful words and colourful characters and we highly recommend it. Great for fans of The Boy Who Switched Off The Sun by Paul Brown and Mark O'Hanlon and The Boy Who Unplugged the Sea by Paul Brown and Chris Capstick, this also doubles up as a calming bedtime story which will hopefully lull them to sleep as though they're bobbing on the waves themselves. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Saving the Sun is available to pre-order now and is released in the UK on 24th October 2023. 

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