Monday 15 January 2024

Exciting new products from Maverick Publishing

We've been big fans of Maverick publishing ever since the children were tiny and so, when we were offered the opportunity to review two new product lines, we jumped at the chance. 

We found Fusion readers and Tangled Tales instantly exciting. Both have clear USPs and bring something new to the reading table. Readers will be dazzled by the dynamic titles, the bold, bright illustrations and the accessibility of the texts as well as by the energy and enthusiasm for reading that these books exude. In short, they are REALLY cool. 

Fusion: Sandstorm Riders by April C. James, illustrated by Diobelle Cerna

Published: 28th February 2024

Mixing fast-paced, action-packed text with highly illustrated 'graphic novel' style pages, this new reading scheme is perfectly pitched at reluctant readers and readers who are developing their confidence and independence. They are also a great option for anyone who fancies dipping into a short but gripping story. 

We absolutely loved this book. The text is easily accessible, but still offers a level of challenge in terms of the vocabulary. The graphic novel pages are bright, bold and instantly engaging and feel like an exciting reward after reading a bite-sized chunk of the story. The format sets up readers to enjoy their reading and to succeed in their efforts. 

The story itself was a fantastic whirlwind of adventure with a strong and determined female lead, a dangerous quest and a twist in expectations. My son is a fair reader but is daunted by longer texts and prefers graphic novels. This book is, therefore, such a great option for him (and one which made his eyes light up) because he can be encouraged to read and enjoy the graphic novel scenes as a pay-off.  Furthermore, the rest of the titles in this scheme all scream action and adventure but are very different in terms of style, genre and colour palette. Why not check out Nebula League: Nightbloom  or Redfangs - stories that both boys and girls will enjoy but which definitely pulled in my son.

Tangled Tales: Movies, Magic,Mayhem!/Bites, Camera, Action! by Jenny Moore, illustrated by Sarah Horne

Published: 28th January 2024

Aimed at chapter book readers, Maverick's new Tangled Tales series also offers a unique and exciting USP: two stories in one! Readers can pick up the book, open the front cover and begin to read and then turn the book over, flip it upside to find a second front cover and a second story waiting to lure them in. 

With fabulous black-and-white illustrations, including a double-paged spread to separate the two stories from each other, readers will love the bite-sized length - each story is less than ten chapters - and the fast-flowing plots which are as sharp and snappy as the titles. I loved the play on Buffy the Vampire Slayer with 'Puffy the Vampire Catcher' as well as some other cultural references which, although may go over reader's heads, adds in a note of humour for the adults who may be supporting their child's reading. The books feel special to hold also - slim and very undaunting with gorgeously-sprayed purple edges. 

As withe Fusion Readers, this series offers a range of titles, all with a spooky feel. With The Spectre Detectors and The Poltergeist's Problem, we don't think readers will be getting bored anytime soon...and if they do, they can switch to the other side. 

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