Wednesday 18 September 2019

Dracula Spectacular by Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle


With Halloween on the horizon, this charming, rhyming tale from Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle is totally worth the wait. Centred around the Dracula family, Lucy weaves a magical and atmospheric story with a little hint of spookiness combined with a whole host of snazzy dressing.
The youngest Dracula is struggling with vampire life and is drawn to a different kind of living. Exploring themes of kindness, being different, acceptance and friendship, this tale was thoroughly entertaining whilst also being able to touch the heartstrings.
Both Lucy's sparkling rhyme and the fabulous illustrations by Ben Mantle lifted the story to give it maximum impact. The cover sold the book to me in a heartbeat and attracted all three of my children's attention, so much so they all took turns to look at it at bedtime. After all, who wouldn't want a rainbow cape? 
Set against the broodingly gloomy background Dracula's final outfit was a wow moment for my us all, including my clothes-mad autistic daughter.
Problem is, it's now on her Christmas list...

Dracula Spectacular is released tomorrow- September 19th 2019

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