Sunday 15 September 2019

PB Review: Catch that Cough! by Bonnie Bridgman and Louise Forshaw


Step into any primary school in September and you'll no doubt catch the obligatory 'return to school' cough and cold that spreads through classrooms as fast as a breezy autumnal wind.
Any chance we can stop the spread? How about reading 'Catch that Cough!' by debut author Bonnie Bridgman and illustrated by the very talented Louise Forshaw.
'Catch that Cough' is a delightful tale of an escaping cough that causes mischievous mayhem...and it certainly does not want to be caught! Ideal as both a bedtime read and to enjoy in the classroom, it teaches (not just youngsters) the best way to catch your cough.
Bonnie has hit on a unique topic for her first, and thoroughly entertaining, picture book. There is not a rabbit, mouse or bear in sight. Instead, this cute, cloud-like cough captured the heart of both me and my son with it's antics. Spot it's sneaky shenanigans around the kitchen and it's merriment in the garden with Louise's clever detail. And, much to my son's delight, 'Catch that Cough' has become an overnight household catchphrase.
"Catch that Cough! Quick! Who knows what mischief it might get up to if you let it escape!"
'Catch that Cough' was released at the beginning of September and is available to buy online and from all good book stores. For more information on the book launch and what it's like to become a published children's author, check out Bonnie's blog:
I can't wait to hear more tales!

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