Tuesday 28 April 2020

UPCOMING RELEASE: Superheroes Don't Get Scared...Or Do They? by Kate Thompson and Clare Elsom

Published by: Upside Down Books, an imprint of Trigger Publishing.


Superheroes don't get scared...or do they?

Last night, my daughter sat on the bed with a wobbly tooth that has been troubling her for days.
"Why don't you let me pull it out?" I asked gently. "It's only hanging by a thread!"
Her eyes lit up only to cloud over seconds later.
"But I'm scared!" she said.
"Never fear, let's read this!" I jumped at the chance to share this new, brilliantly crafted and superbly illustrated picture book with her. "It's okay to be scared. Even Superheroes get scared!"

Dazzled by the front cover and eager to find answers within that she could relate to, she dived in.

Superheroes Don't Get Scared, written in simple but catchy rhyme, has a clear message told in a fun and modern way. Forget Spiderman, Superman and Wonder Woman! These Superheroes are far more up to date and they are about to show Maisie Brown that it's okay to have fears- she just needs to find the strength to face them.
Bursting with phobias that children (and adults) can easily relate to, this book will lead readers on an epic journey through the ocean, the jungle and deep, dingy caves with loveable, larger -than-life characters and unique and vibrant villains.
As Maisie watches her idols overcome the creatures they are most afraid of, she comes to a simple conclusion... if they can face their fears, she can. And an act of bravery is an act of bravery, no matter how big or small.

This picture book is an empowering treat! The characters and settings are vividly brought to life with outstanding illustrations from Clare Elsom and, although the topic is a serious and super-important one, debut author Kate Thompson tells it in a highly engaging and unthreatening way. Both girls and boys alike will be so busy being wowed by the Superheroes' antics that they are very likely to be distracted from the things troubling them. And, when they remember, they will hopefully have absorbed enough power to face it.

Safe to say, we got that tooth out with a nervous squeeze, bags of bravery and a big smile!

So if your little ones love superheroes, are feeling anxious or are struggling to find their feet this is the perfect, uplifting read. It even gave me the boost and positivity to face another day in isolation head-on!

SUPERHEROES DON'T GET SCARED is available now as an ebook and available to pre-order from online retailers for release in September.  

Link to ebook and pre-order

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