Monday 31 August 2020

UPCOMING RELEASE: I Really Really Need a Wee by Karl Newson and Duncan Beedie


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                                               Published by: Little Tiger Press, 3rd September 2020


If Wanda's Words Got Stuck was perfect for my daughter, then this book is spot-on for my son! (Although he really liked Wanda too.) I Really Really Need a Wee is a funny story about not waiting until you're bursting to go to the loo, something my five year old does on a very regular basis. 

Bush Baby does NOT need a wee. That is, until he leaves home and suddenly realises he is bursting. But where can he go? Everywhere is just so busy! Ah, at last he finds a loo but oops...there is a queue! Will Bush Baby be able to hold on?

This book is a perfect, laugh-out-loud mix of two of our previous favourites; I Need a Wee by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet and Queue for the Loo by Jeanne Willis. Thankfully, unlike the bear in Sue Hendra's book, Bush Baby does find a toilet but why is there always a queue?

My seven year old middle child, a notorious reluctant reader, was instantly enticed by the title and cover of this story. She knows that toilet humour stories are outrageously funny and there was a lovely moment where she excitedly gave me the night off and read the book to her younger brother, with lots of giggling in the process. Result!

Bush Baby is cute and funny with huge and hilarious eye expressions drawn brilliantly by Duncan Beedie. He is the perfect character to enact this amusing but infuriating situation, which most parents will have found themselves in, probably a thousand times over. And of course, just when you think it's all fine, Karl Newson ramps it up a notch with an hilarious twist at the end. 

A few weeks ago, I recently found myself up on the top of nearby beauty spot with my five year old and he re-enacted this story for me almost to the letter. Sadly, there was no toilet in sight and I'd stupidly come unprepared. I'll save you the details but the point is, what I needed this book so I could whip it out in the car, right before we left for our trek.

"Do you need a wee, son?"

You can guess what the answer would be! But gentle reminding children that they can be self-aware and have the confidence to speak up is no bad thing. After all, it happens to the best of us!

I Really Really Need a Wee is released this Thursday 3rd September 2020 and is available to pre-order. 

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