Thursday 28 October 2021

New release: Anisha Accidental Detective-Showstoppers by Serena Patel and Emma McCann


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Published by: Usborne, 28th October 2021


It's the release of book four today but Anisha, Accidental Detective has already established herself as a firm favourite in our house over the last year or so. It's easy to see why. What, with a reluctant hero, a crazy family and a new mystery to unravel in every new instalment, we never want this series to end. 

Anisha is out of her comfort zone. Her school has only one week to pull-off a full-scale musical production and things are going wrong.

 As newly appointed 'director's assistant', Anisha soon takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of their endless bad luck. Miss. Jive is convinced the performance is cursed, but Anisha is sure there's a more logical explanation. Can she crack the case before the curtain goes up?

This series was brilliant from book one but is growing from strength to strength with every new story. Back in her school setting (which we got to know in book two), Anisha takes us deeper into her world, revealing both new and familiar characters and an entertaining mystery with high stakes. There's red herrings galore and a shady suspect who just has to get their comeuppance and we loved the funny solution that Anisha devises to catch the culprit!

As always, as well as the mystery itself, there's a stageful of warmth and heart to this story. Anisha's growing relationship with Mindy is genuinely touching and there's a fabulous balance between the child and adult characters, including the brilliant Granny Jas and Aunt Bindi (watch out for their shining moment). The character dynamics have become bolder and more hilarious (also watch out for the interaction and banter between Milo and Mindy) and there's a wonderful team camaraderie that shines a strong message across the plot. 

The humour is also excellent. With cats and olives and trumpets and a wedding, you can't help but want to read on to see what chaos unfolds next. However, the shining light in this series has to remain firmly on Anisha. With her determination, perseverance and thoughtfulness, she is the centre stage character in this fabulous ensemble. 

Anisha, Accidental Detective: Showstoppers is available to purchase from today, October 28th 2021. 

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