Thursday 28 October 2021

New release: The Fire Fox by Alexandra Page and Stef Murphy

                                                                     Link to Publisher

                                          Published by: Two Hoots, Pan Macmillan, Oct 28th 2021


It's only been a couple of weeks since Alexandra Page's brilliant debut novel, Wishyouwas was released. Now, straight off the back of that comes The Fire Fox-Alexandra's debut picture book, illustrated by Stef Murphy. 

Freya and her mum have lost the light in their life since Freya's dad passed away. But when Freya meets a fox, she follows him into the forest and embarks on a thrilling adventure that brings back sparks of warmth and fresh hope.

Inspired by the Saami myth of the fire fox, whose fur scatters sparks that become the Northern Lights, this is a story about finding strength amid grief and loss. Yet such is the cleverness of this tale, that the words 'grief', 'loss' or 'death' are ever mentioned. Instead, Freya, through the fire fox, is drawn into the beauty of the world around her until she finds the light amongst the darkness. 

This story is completely different to Wishyouwas but showcases equally stunning storytelling. However, it is the combination of the words alongside the breathtaking visuals by Stef Murphy that makes this a truly special picture book. The bluey-purple colour palette crackles with a silent magic that allows a growing yellowy warmth to burst into flame at the end- filling the reader with a fuzzy feeling of cosiness and joy. The fox himself is magnificent and completely commands the page without the need for words. Effortlessly told and beautifully plotted, this is sure to become a future classic. 

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