Saturday 2 October 2021

Time to Move South for Winter by Clare Helen Welsh and Jenny Løvlie


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Published by: Nosy Crow, 2nd September 2021


When I was a teacher, I was always on the hunt for great texts I could use as a base for teaching and learning. Well, this new release from established picture book author Clare Helen Welsh is the perfect example of one of these texts- a book that belongs just as much on a classroom shelf as a bookshelf at home. 

When the seasons begins to change in the Arctic, a tiny tern sets off on an epic journey- the world's longest animal migration. On its way it meets other animals who are all on their own migration journey.                                                                                       It's time to move south for winter...

This beautiful hardback book, exquisitely illustrated by the winner of the 2019 Waterstones Children's Book Prize, Jenny Løvlie is narrative non-fiction at its best. With gorgeous language and a repetitive refrain, it charts the inspiring endurance of both well-known and lesser known creatures from land, sea and sky. Yet between humpback whales, caribou, turtles and butterflies, the tern's humble story has to be the most incredible. 

The migration of animals links to seasons, geography, weather and the turn and tilt of the earth. This book reaches out to all of these topics as a brilliant platform to launch such learning. There's a fabulous double spread of facts at the back of the book and a map of the globe showing migration paths. Alternatively, if you're just in the mood for snuggling up with a story with your little ones, it is equally delightful to just sit with it-reading and staring at the stunning landscapes. 

There should be a warning on the front cover though...

                                          A blanket and a fluffy hot chocolate is essential when reading.

                                                               It made feel decidedly chilly!

A big thanks to Nosy Crow for giving me the chance to review. Time to Move South for Winter is available to buy now from independent bookshops and all major retailers. 

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