Monday 24 January 2022

Doctorsaurus by Emi-Lou May and Liere MartΓ­n

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Published by: Little Tiger, 6th Jan 2022 (Paperback)


Out in paperback this month, comes the charming story, Doctorsaurus, by Emi-Lou May and Liere MartΓ­n. Perfect for dinosaur fans or little ones who are feeling poorly, this is a gentle but funny tale about visiting the doctor - or rather a doctor visiting you. 

Triceratops has a broken horn, Stegosaurus has a splinter and T-Rex has a cold. Who do they need but Doctorsaurus. She knows exactly what to do...even when Brontosaurus needs a poo...

This story is not only told in fantastic rhyme, it is both funny and reassuring at the same time. The dinosaurs' ailments will resonate perfectly with younger readers and help to alleviate their fears of visiting a doctor. In fact, we found this was the perfect book to share with our eleven-year-old autistic daughter, who is terrified of any medical appointment. The dinosaurs make the situations fun and non-threatening and the whole tale is a lovely nod of appreciation to the medics who care for us. 

This picture book is a perfect example of a simple concept being executed well and I'm amazed no one has thought of it before. Beautifully illustrated, with an eye-catching front cover, it is vibrant, colourful and a warm hug to all those feeling ill or those who just fancy a huge dose of dinosaur fun!

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