Tuesday 25 January 2022

The Adventure Club: Tiger in Trouble by Jess Butterworth and Kirsti Beautyman


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Published by: Hachette, 20th Jan 2022


Tilly's back and this time she's off to India. In the second of Jess Butterworth's young fiction series, The Adventure Club, there's a new wild animal in danger and some dangerous territory to explore...

When Tilly learns that her adopted tiger cub has gone missing, alongside her mother, Tilly is determined to do something to help. Soon she is on her way to India with the rest of  The Adventure Club. Have the tigers gone in search of water because the monsoon is late? It's time for Tilly and her team to investigate. 

This is a brilliant adventure series for animal-lovers and our review of the first book, Red Panda Rescue, sums up how much we love it. The diary format is fun and accessible for readers who are just finding their feet and, although the story is fictional, it is packed with interesting, factual information about how animals live in the wild. 

Although the stories are gentle in tone, the plots are fraught with danger and suspense. In this book, Tilly encounters rapidly rising flood waters, crocodiles and nearly disturbs a nest of King Cobras. Not wanting to give too much away, it remains to be seen whether she finds the tigers. But knowing Tilly, she isn't going to give up easily...

Our favourite aspect of this series, is that Tilly always applies what she learns in the wild to her local area. She is a budding eco-warrior and animal protector and she teaches readers to make a difference to their environment, even if it's only in the confines of their back garden or school playground. It's a joy to read and we really want this series to run and run!

A big thanks to NetGalley for allowing me a review copy. Tiger in Trouble is now available to buy. 

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