Friday 11 March 2022

Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm by Laura Ellen Anderson

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 Published by: Farshore Books, 3rd March 2022

Heavens Above! There ought to be a thunderclap announcing the arrival of the second book in this BRILLIANT series. Rainbow Grey is DEFINITELY the book I wanted to read as a child. With cloud creatures, magical eyes and a black-and-white-haired villain to rival Cruella de Vil, Laura Ellen Anderson has one of the most magical imaginations I've ever encountered... 

Rainbow Grey is getting used to life as the only rainbow weatherling in the Weatherlands. But a storm is brewing. Cloud creatures are disappearing and, despite the blame pointing towards Ray herself, some mysterious magical eyes suggest that a darker force is at work. Surely Tornadia Twist, the worst rogue that's ever lived. can't be behind it...can she?

There simply aren't enough advectives to describe this book. It's joyful, vibrant, magical and floofy (my favourite new word) and yet dastardly too. There's scorching stakes, a whirlwind of drama, lightening bolt revelations and slowly melting mysteries. Then there are the characters (think World Book Day costumes). Ray is a stand-out heroine, as colourful as her hair and as beautiful on the inside as a rainbow is on the outside, but it's the whole ensemble that makes the book shine like the most glorious summer's day. Without Droplett's constant puddle porting and Snowden's endless drizzle-pickle sandwiches, the Weatherlands would be rather more overcast. Oh, and then there's hilarious, adorable but clever Nim, shining star La Blaze and the arrival of a love-to-hate baddy.

The story is certainly as unpredictable as the British weather. You might think you have the plot all mapped out but it's twistier than a tornado itself. And, just like the British weather can experience a whole host of weathers in one day, this has ALL the feels: laughter, tears, surprise - just watch out for La Blaze's shining moment for it might catch you offguard like an unexpected downpour. 

As well as being highly entertaining and fun, there are some big themes running throughout this book: friendship, prejudice, being yourself, bravery and sacrifice all feature heavily and are handled brilliantly. One thing's for certain, you'll be so busy talking about this new adventure, you'll have no time to discuss the weather...well...not the British weather anyway.

Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm is out now and available to buy online and from your local independent retailer. 

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