Wednesday 31 August 2022

NEW RELEASE: Wolves in Helicopters by Sarah Tagholm and Paddy Donnelly

Published by: Anderson Press, 1st September 2022


Calling all brave young readers. This brand new, debut picture book from Sarah Tagholm, illustrated by the brilliant Paddy Donnelly, is a complete 'hide-under-the-bed-covers' spine-tingler. But fear not! But for if you dare open the pages and enter into Hop's night terrors, you might be surprised by what you find...

Hop suffers from night terrors and although she knows they're not real, that doesn't stop her from being terrified of them. But when her mum gives her some advice, Hop realises that there might just be a way to overcome them...if only she can find his courage within. 

As an adult who loves spooky stories, I found this tale deliciously dark and edgy and so did my son. However,  for children who suffer from nightmares, fears or worries (don't we all at some point in our lives), then this book is so much more than 'just a story' and offers a comforting and empowering message to all young readers. 

Hop's journey is about overcoming darkness, taking control and finding light and comfort in the bleakest and scariest of situations. What's particularly great is that young readers can relate to Hop and her dreams through the pages of the story - a safe and non-threatening way of exploring - and rejoice as the story flips on its head in the cleverest and COOLEST twist ever. It reminded me a lot of the Boggart scenes in Harry Potter and will leave little ones' imaginations fired up with both hope, excitement and their own humorous solutions to overcoming bad dreams. 

Published in hardback, this is an exquisitely beautiful book. The colour palette chosen by Paddy Donnelly feels both menacing yet soothing and there's a beautiful balance of danger versus safety within the pages which echoes through both the repetitive text and the pictures. There's still increasing stakes, however, making the ending even more satisfying and I really think there's something incredibly special about this new release. 

Wolves In Helicopters is out TODAY, 1st September 2020. 

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