Friday 19 March 2021

NEW RELEASE: The Magic Crayon by Amy Sparkes and Ali Pye

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                                                    Published by: Penguin, 18th March, 2021 


Following the release of The Secret of Me in January, Amy Sparkes brings us another magical picture book that, once again, celebrates the incredible power of imagination. The Magic Crayon is a delightful, fantasy adventure story that bounces along in perfect rhyme.

When Chloe's brother is mean to her, Chloe decides to get her own back by using her magical, silvery crayon. But things quickly get out of hand and now Chloe must use her crayon to journey across a fairytale land to rescue him. But Jack's captor is not keen on letting him go. Can Chloe use her magic crayon to solve one final problem?

This picture book has a truly magical feel to it. The story sparkles as bright as Chloe's silver crayon and thanks to the stunning illustrations by Ali Pye, the settings and characters come to life before your very eyes. It is perfect for anyone who loves traditional tales but watch out for those imaginative twists that prove that anything can happen in stories. 

The Magic Crayon is not just about revisiting fairytales, though. Nestled at the heart of it is the very real and relatable relationship between two siblings. Jack and Chloe beautifully portray the complex and unique bond that siblings share; one where anger and pranks and blame are interwoven with a deep, protective love that means they'll do anything to help each other...maybe even kiss a frog! Just don't expect the peace to last for long...

Guaranteed, this story will put a smile on your face, give you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest and make the air around you crackle with magic. It's the perfect mix of traditional and original - creativity at it's best. Just keep an eye on what your little ones choose to draw after reading this. Who knows when they might come to life!

The Magic Crayon is available to buy now. A big thanks to Amy Sparkes and Penguin for allowing me a review copy.

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