Tuesday 4 May 2021

UPCOMING RELEASE: The Very Silly Dinosaur, SillySaurus! by Hannah Barker and Johanna Zverzina


Published by: Cherish Editions

(an imprint of Trigger Publishing)

Published on: 27th May 2021


Perfect for the younger end of the picture book market, Cherish Editions brings us a stompingly good dinosaur tale this month with engaging pictures, loveable characters and a wish that all little ones can relate to. 

When Gio realises he can't have his very own T-rex, he settles on the next best thing- his beloved toy, The SillySaurus. But when the SillySaurus disappears and strange things start happening in his bedroom, Gio has a mystery to solve. Could his wish have possibly come true?

This book is not only the perfect buy for dinosaur fans young and old, it is also a perfect snuggle-up story for a (grand)parent and child to enjoy together at bedtime. The SillySaurus is lovable and endearing and the story is set in a world that is completely familiar to a child reader - their bedroom and the wider home. The illustrations by Johanna Zverzina are big, bold and vibrant and reflect the fun nature of the story.

This is a non-rhyming text told with beautiful simplicity. Hannah Barker brilliant captures and encourages the imagination of a young child by setting up a laughable, excitable but rather messy mystery that Gio has to solve before his mum gets really cross. There is also lots of food involved, making the story deliciously sensory and watch out for the splishy, splashy paint. Eeek! Who could possibly be responsible for that?

As well as indulging in one of a child's favourite fantasies- having their own, real-life dinosaur- Hannah Barker also wanted to make a serious point with this picture book. With a strong need for wider diversity in children's fiction, Hannah wanted to her main character to be of mixed heritage so that her own children and others can find books that they can relate to and which hold reflections of themselves within the pages. You can read more about Hannah here. Link to publisher.

Overall, this is a gorgeous early years text, beautifully illustrated and which will put a big, silly smile of readers faces. I wonder if a SillySaurus will be causing mischief in your house anytime soon...

A big thanks to Cherish Editions for offering me the opportunity to review. The Very Silly Dionsaur, Sillysaurus is out on the 27th May.

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